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  TOP NEWS Benz from the 19th century stars in Bonhams Amelia Island

Historic Benz motorcars dating back to the 19th century will be presented during Bonhams’ collector car sale on Amelia Island, Florida, on March 5. These are among 20 vintage German vehicles from the estate of California collector Gerhard Schnuerer that will be offered at the auction. The earliest automobile in the sale is a true horseless carriage, an 1897 Benz 10hp Mylord Coupe, of which only two are known to exist. It is one of the world’s oldest motorcars. (Image: Bonhams)  READ MORE

   RACING & CLASSIC CAR NEWS The wild journey of Porsche 917-022 from Steve McQueen to Jerry SeinfeldHagerty
Jerry Seinfeld and Porsche go together like golf and marine biology. The host of the popular show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” has an incredible collection of Porsches, some with more… interesting histories than others. One such car in his stable is the Porsche 917K that was prominently featured in Steve McQueen’s 1971 racing flick “Le Mans.” On a recent episode of Spike Feresten’s podcast, “Spike’s Car Radio,” Jerry and his car consigliere Sam Cabiglio recounted how the film-famous ride came to reside in Seinfeld’s collection. The story, as it turns out, was a lot more intricate than we expected.  READ MORE
 A 1932 Jean Bugatti-designed Type 55 is expected fetch up to $9.5 million at auctionRobb Report
Dean S. Edmonds, Jr., a Boston University professor who passed away at age 93 in 2018, was a man who loved physics, planes and cars. Of the latter, the automobiles collected by Edmonds possess a beauty that, unlike college-level physics, most can relate to. On March 5, a dozen cars from the Edmonds collection will be auctioned by Bonhams at its Amelia Island Auction, but the standout vehicle is a 1932 Bugatti Type 55 Super Sport Roadster. The stunning black-and-red machine had been in the professor’s stable since 1985. While there are a few other notable cars on the block from the collection — including a quartet of mid-century Jaguars, a stunningly rare left-hand-drive 1961 Aston Martin DB4 Series 4 GT and a simple dune buggy once driven by Steve McQueen — the Bugatti is something to behold. (Image: Bonhams)  READ MORE
   MISSED AN ISSUE OF THE VRL NEWSBRIEF? VISIT AND SEARCH THE ARCHIVE TODAY. These car brands aren’t around anymore, but you can still view their websitesAutoweek
Depending on where you live, it can still feel like that era when General Motors had brands like Saturn, Pontiac, Hummer, Saab and Oldsmobile is still within reach, thanks to these cars’ continued presence on the roads. Visit some dealerships, and you can find remnants of the existence of brands that were snuffed out in The Great Auto Industry Crisis. But GM was not the only one to send storied marques to a big farm upstate where they can run around with other defunct brands: Ford was forced to let go of Mercury a few years after Chrysler realized that Plymouth was down to just selling a rebadged Neon and some coffee mugs with the Plymouth logo.  READ MORE
 Ferrari GTO takes Best of Show honors at Boca Raton
The 14th annual Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance looked not only back at our automotive past, but forward to its future. On the show field and in a panel presentation, the event celebrated the 100-year anniversary of Duesenberg. But it also featured the new “30 Under 30 Class” and a focus on the future. The “30 Under 30 Class” is a concours class open to car owners who are 30 years of age or younger and who have invested less than $30,000 in the restoration of their vehicles, which usually means they have done most of the work themselves.  READ MORE
 This 1978 Volkswagen Microbus really sold for 6 figuresAutomobile magazine
The Volkswagen Microbus (also known as the Type 2, Bulli, or, simply, Bus) is arguably the Bitcoin of classic cars, as examples of the rear-engined German van seem to rapidly increase in value with each passing year. The latest example of which is this 1978 Bus that sold for almost $110,000 at Artcurial’s Retromobile auction in Paris, France. (Image: Artcurial)
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 1954 Ferrari 375 MM ‘Ingrid Bergman Coupé’ SpecialeSpicer Collector Car Profile
In 1953-1954 Ferrari built the 375MM (Mille Miglia) to conquer the racing World Sportscar Championship. While the majority were built for competition a few (about five) were made for the street and called Speciales. Film director Roberto Rosselini had one of the best known romances with Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman who eventually became his wife. He commissioned the 1954 Pininfarina Ferrari 375MM Coupé Speciale chassis #0456AM as a gift for Bergman, hence calling it the “Bergman Coupé”, even though she never received the car. It made its first public appearance at the Paris Salon Auto Show in 1954 before being delivered to Roberto Rossellini.  READ MORE
 F1 reveals vision for future engine era amid ‘crude’ hybrid
Formula 1 chiefs say government plans to ban the sales of new hybrid cars within the next 15 years are “crude” — as they insist the sport can be a catalyst for a revolution in environmentally-friendly engine technology. As part of a push by governments to cut back on carbon emissions, there has been a move by many countries to outlaw the sales of new petrol, diesel and hybrid engines in the next few years — with Britain announcing recently its push for a ban to be in place by 2035. That move has prompted questions on what direction F1 will have go in the future.  READ MORE
 Aston Martin set to cancel Le Mans Hypercar programRacer
A major blow has been dealt to the ACO and FIA World Endurance Championship’s plans with the cancellation of Aston Martin Racing’s Hypercar program utilizing its new Valkyrie road car. RACER has learned a formal announcement is imminent. Reached Feb. 17, a brand representative declined to comment on the topic. Termination of the racing project for the 6.5-liter V12-powered machine comes on the heels of a major investment into the financially beleaguered British auto manufacturer led by Canadian Lawrence Stroll, who owns the Racing Point Formula 1 team, and will become Aston Martin’s executive chairman along with aligning the company with his F1 team in 2021.  READ MORE
 Depression-era America looked forward to a better future with cars like the 1935 Studebaker CommanderHemmings
The Great Depression wasn’t all the harsh cynicism of “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” It was also “Pennies from Heaven,” “On the Sunny Side of the Street,” and “Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee.” Those three pieces of popular music acknowledged that yes, times were tough, but they would get better. That type of “we’ll get through this” optimism seemed to be a national mantra in those days and it extended to brightly colored, cheerful products like Fiestaware dishes; extravagant, exuberant films like the musical comedy “Gold Diggers of 1933;” and, of course, automobile designs that were increasingly swoopy and stylish.  READ MORE
 The retro rocket: ProCharged LS AWD Cutlass cut from carbonLSX Magazine
Just when you thought you’d seen it all, and that hand-built LS ingenuity couldn’t get any more intriguing, along comes a custom car so wild that you can’t help but scratch your head in wonderment. Such were the thoughts that permeated our brains when we first encountered Brian King’s all-wheel-drive, LSX-swapped, 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Packing 841 horsepower, this ProCharger powered, home-built coupe is quite the retro 1980s throwback, blending OEM aesthetics with one-off performance mods that are both resourceful and purposeful.  READ MORE


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